Is there a vaccine for coronavirus? Or is there another Solution?- יש פתרון לקורונה

Please take on something for improvement in one of these 3 areas, for the protection of Klal Yisrael – and share it with us in the comments below to inspire others!

קחו על עצמכם קבלה קטנה באחד מ3- תחומים אלו להצלת כלל ישראל – ושתף איתנו בתגובות למטה

  1. WAY TO GO, to all those who have taken something on.

    If we all knew the impact that ‘one act of improvement’ can have on ourselves and on the world around us, we wouldn’t think twice.

    by posting it here, you also join in the merit of those who are inspired by you…

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