You Won’t Believe What Twitter Is In Gematria?!


Our Rabbi’s teach us that the power of Amalek in essence, is the power of the primordial Snake. The snake used the power of the tongue to ultimately bring Adam and Eve to their downfall.
The Tongue of the snake / Amalek represent evil speech, slander, gossip, etc.

Later on in the Torah, as soon as the spies come back to the wilderness from Israel, they fail in guarding their tongues and speak negatively about the land, this is precisely what leads to the subsequent confrontation with Amalek.

We also know that Bilam and Balak wanted to use their mouths to curse the Jewish people – and we see that the endings of both of their names (In Hebrew), when combined spell out Am-lak. (Amalek)

The recurring theme is that of AMALEK and its representation through the power of EVIL SPEECH.

There is no wonder now that we see the following phenomenon. The word TWITTER when written in Hebrew has the exact same numerical value as AMALEK. (240)  The ultimate platform to let tongues loose with gossip slander, foul language, bashing others and what not…. Something to think about.

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