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I believe that God created the world, runs it, and is meticulously involved in every detail of it.

Nothing occurs by happenstance in this world. On an individual level and on a National / Global level. If something happens, there is a reason for it and a higher purpose. We will never fully understand every detail of God’s calculations, but our Rabbis teach us that God sends us messages and clues all the time, whether it be through major global events or daily personal encounters. It’s our job to open our eyes to the best of our abilities and read between the lines.

The goal of this blog is to share fascinating unique discoveries, selected quotes, lessons, memes, mind-boggling gematrias and other amazing information in a visually creative way. 

Perhaps these ideas will reveal the awesomeness and wisdom found hidden within our wonderful world and inspire us to get closer to God.

I hope you enjoy! 😊

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