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How to get water out of a rock…


In this weeks parsha, Chukat,  “G-d tells Moses to speak to the rock and water will come forth” (Numbers 20:8) I believe, it’s the Gaon of Vilna who points out something fascinating.  If you take the 3 letters that make up the word “SELA” (Eng. rock) – Samech, Lamed and Ayin and you spell out each letter by itself, you will discover that the Middle letters are Mem, Mem and Yud. The letters which make up the word “Mayim”(Eng. water) 

This works using the Hebrew letters of course, as presented in the above graphic.

Time is Money, or is it?


Simple play on words with a Hebrew English twist, Time is Zmani which sounds just like the saying  “Time is Money” but we all know time is much more valuable than money. In fact we should always remember that time, in this world, is Zmani which, when translated to English means: Time is Temporary. So the takeaway would be: Time is priceless, utilize every moment for the good.

Shabbat Shalom!

You Shall Not Stray After Your Hearts and After Your…


A recent report by Flurry Analytics shows that Americans spend 2 hours and 38 minutes a day glued to their tablets and smartphones. (IOS and Android connected devices). That is about 18 hours a week, and almost 1000 hours a year. Now that’s alot of hours! Just imagine what you could accomplish in that time