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You Shall Not Stray After Your Hearts and After Your…


A recent report by Flurry Analytics shows that Americans spend 2 hours and 38 minutes a day glued to their tablets and smartphones. (IOS and Android connected devices). That is about 18 hours a week, and almost 1000 hours a year. Now that’s alot of hours! Just imagine what you could accomplish in that time

All that is thought should not be said


I thought it was so amazing how relevant this quote still is in today’s modern world, even though it was actually written in the late 1700s. I read this quote initially on, and it inspired me to make this cool infographic. I think an interesting lesson to take home from this quote, isthink before you act. Every piece of information given to us and especially our own personal thoughts and opinions must be handled with care. Don’t act out of impulse. In today’s “blogging” world, each word published can be read by hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people. This also holds true with commenting on blog posts, articles, and even status updates on Facebook or Twitter. Every word can be read by many, making the impact of each word much more powerful – for better or for worse. Hope you like the graphic!

Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue

This quote was seen in a book called “Guard Your Tongue” – The book was written by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin and it is based on the laws of lashon harah by the Chafetz Chaim z”l.
Do we realize how much power we have in our mouths? We are taught that our tongue is stronger than a sword. A sword can only kill someone who is close by, but our tongues have the power to kill someone who is far away. Chazal explain that embarrassing someone in public is tantamount to killing someone. On the positive side, if we use our tongues properly we have the power to connect, build, and give life. We can connect to our Creator with prayer. We can build relationships with a simple Thank You and we can give life by giving a good word to someone who looks depressed.

Have a good day!