How Are We Compared to A Tree?

“Man is a Tree of the field” So it says in the book of Devarim (Deuteronomy). How does one understand this? I heard a beautiful idea from Rabbi David Genish. A tree gets nourishment from the earth down below. It goes through the trunk and up to the branches, sprouting forth leaves and fruit. Man works very similar – but think of an Upside Down Tree! Man’s soul is planted in Heaven, so to speak, and the nourishment comes from God up above all the way down to us, here down below. Our arms, hands, legs, feet are the branches. And what are our fruits? Those are our positive actions, our good deeds, the Mitzvot that we fulfill and the kindness that we do for others. So this Tu Bshvat, be like a tree. Appreciate the nourishment that God is giving you from above and share your fruit with the world around you!

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